First, something fun! Origami Coffee Cups to use to label & hold your samples! There’s even a how to instructional video!

If you are ready to begin building this lucrative Gano Excel business, Please visit this training link for more details.  This Gano Excel training site includes simple steps to jump your home based, Gano Excel Coffee business.

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New Gano Excel Members

When an individual joins Gano Excel, they receive Gano Excel products dropped shipped, in the United States via Fed Ex shipping service.  The recommended initial product purchase is called Gano Excel Executive Success Package (ESP).  The ESP are priced $195, $495 and $995 and include quite a nice collection of the products.   In addition to ESP, there is also the Gano Excel Starter Kit and Gano Excel Smart Start Kit that includes a small product order. All of these Gano Excel business builder options are designed to fit in the budget of the new Gano Excel member and give the distributor a jump start on building their Gano Excel home based business. In this first order, Gano Excel has recently replaced the Corporate Affiliate Business Kit to online tools so new Gano Excel members receive one page print out with details how to retrieve the New Gano Excel E-Kit.

From business froms to marketing materials, the contents of our previous Affiliate Business Kit have been packaged into convenient and highly accessible electronic publications.

Go To Gano Excel US and login with your new Gano Excel affiliate ID for details.

  • CEO Welcome Letter
  • Back Office Instruction Guide
  • Affiliate Application Form
  • Affiliate DBA Form
  • Affiliate Product Order Form
  • Affiliate Autoship Form(s)
  • Official Compensation Guide
  • Business Opportunity E-Brochure
  • North American Product E-Guide
  • Acclaimed “JAVA” Magazine

Please note that the new E-Kit is replacing the previous paper-based Affiliate Business Kits included with all new enrollment packages.  This includes the Starter Kit, Smart Start Kit, and any of the Executive Success Packs.  You will not be receiving any of these printed materials in any of these kits from here forward.  


If you are looking for specific Gano Excel Tools, see the site maps below…. please visit these Corporate Marketing websites:

www.My Gano
  • Gano Excel banner with narrow base stand $195.29 each
  • Gano Excel brochure z fold $154 for 200 brochures
  • Gano Excel business card $25 for 500 biz cards
  • Gano Excel door hanger $164 for 1000
  • Gano Excel flyer $187 for 100 flyers
  • Gano Excel postcard $45 for 1000 cards
  • Gano Excel stickers $192 for 1000
  • Gano Excel table tent card $131 for 500
  • Gano Excel vinyl banner $65 for 1
www.My Gano
  • Company Overview (English) $10 for 50 flyers
  • Product Guide (Spanish) $10 for 50 flyers
  • Company Overview (Spanish) $10 for 50 flyers
  • Evo of Coffee Brochure (English) $10 for 50 brochures
  • Coffee Break Brochure (English) $4 for 10 brochures
  • Affiliate Application Form $5 for 50 forms
  • Affiliate Order Form $5 for 50 forms
  • Affiliate Autoship Form $5 for 50 forms
  • Product Guide (English) $10 for 50 guides
www.Gano (Gano Excel Backoffice)

  • Calendar: updated daily, organized by location
  • Webinars: Tues, Thurs & Sat
  • Conference Calls: Wednesday


  • Video
    • Opportunity Presentation
    • The 4 Pillars of Gano Excel
  • Photos
    • Gano Excel USA
    • Gano Excel Peru
    • Gano Excel Malaysia
    • Gano Excel Colombia
    • Gano Excel Puerto Rico
    • Gano Excel Canada
    • Gano Excel Dominican Republic
    • Gano Excel Mexico
    • Gano Excel El Salvador
  • Audio
    • Corporate Leadership Calls

Marketing Docs

  • MVP Club
  • Wealth Recipes
  • Compensation Enhancements
  • 4 Steps to Success
  • 1-5-25 Prospecting Form
  • Prospect Profile Form
  • Quick Tips: 3rd Party Sample Script
  • Quick Tips: Prospecting

Business Forms/Docs

  • Affiliate Autoship Order Form
  • Affiliate Doing Business Under Another Name (DBA)
  • Affiliate Special Work Request
  • Enroller/Sponsor Change Request
  • Enroller/Sponsor Correction Request
  • Independent Affiliate Applications Form
  • Independent Affiliate Product Order Form


  • MVP Club Team Culture & the why
  • MVP Club Program Details and the incentives

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